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So I pre-ordered For Honor a week or so before the game was released earlier this month and I gotta say that after playing it For Honor is a pretty epic game. Granted, it takes awhile to get used to the controls since its not a hack-and-slash game like Dynasty Warriors despite its appearance but its nevertheless a great game that I highly recommend. The downside is that you have to be online to play it. While that may not be a problem for most gamers, I live in pretty rural area of Pennsylvania where the internet connection is iffy at times. Sadly that's a major reasons why I don't really enjoy the multiplayer aspect of For Honor. Plot wise, I was afraid that the game would focus solely on multiplayer like several other games that I've played in the past with Battlefield 3 being the most infamous case. Instead, I was decently surprised that For Honor's plot was well-thought out and had some important meaning to it. For those unfamiliar with For Honor's story, I'll briefly summarize it.
Spoilers Begin
    The story takes place a thousand years after a series of natural disasters destroyed the nations of the Knights, Vikings, and the Samurai. For the next millennium, these three factions were engaged in near-constant warfare against each other initially over the few resources left intact by the cataclysm but then they just kept fighting since they've being doing it for so long. By the time For Honor begins in proper, the factions stop fighting in order to give peace a chance. This changes with the rise of the Blackstone Legion commanded by the warlord Apollyon, who despises the very idea of peace and wants to plunge the world into a never ending war where the strong rise above the weak. The rest of the game focuses on the three factions being sucked into Apollyon's mad crusade and each protagonist (A Knight Warden, A Viking Raider, and a Samurai Orochi respectfully) playing a major in it. By the end of the game, Apollyon is dead but her plot successes and another war breaks out between the three factions. Several years later, the three factions, now led by the playable characters, send their second-in-commands as envoys to give a lasting peace a chance. Although they recognize that the quest for peace maybe futile and they all may die in the attempt, the leaders agree that peace is worth fighting for and make an unforgettable tale.  

Spoilers End
    In closing, For Honor contains some important messages that can be found within the story. First, no matter what people like Apollyon rant about, peace is an ideal that's worth fighting for. Second, while war is at best a necessary evil, in the end it ultimately brings ruin and loss to both sides. Third and finally, revenge is a fool's game, the whole plot of For Honor can be summed up as a cycle of revenge perpetuated by a psychotic dictator who wants to create a world defined by strong wolves and weak sheep. All in all, For Honor is one of those games that'll be memorable and awesome experience. Go forth my children and choose your side: be it Knight, Viking, or Samurai.


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