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So I finally got around to playing Fallout 4 despite the two year period its been out. Better late than never I suppose. Anyway, here's a brief summary of my experiences within the Commonwealth: 

1.) Added a bunch of mods to improve the gameplay. They are awesome. 
2.) Dogmeat is the only companion I need; namely that he doesn't judge me like all the other lost souls I gather. (Nick and Preston are alright though) 
3.) Faction wise, I'm siding with the Minutemen. If anything, they'll do more good for the Commonwealth than the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Institute would ever do. I will ally with the Brotherhood and the Railroad but I will not complete the main quest with them. The Institute however will embrace nuclear fire because fuck that hidden elf village of pretentious pricks. 
4.) I will get around to getting the DLCs when I emerge from the pit of perpetual debt. 
5.) Another settlement needs my help despite the fact that said settlement has a strong garrison of Minutemen and is fortified like a goddamn medieval castle. 
6.) Radiation damage is annoying as all hell because I'm OCD when it comes to my health. 
7.) I'm playing as an Asian character and I have yet to be called a Chinese communist by NPCs. (fun fact: I based my Sole Survivor off the Japanese-American soldiers who fought in World War II despite being discriminated by their own countrymen).
8.) Deathclaws live up to their name....  
9.) Feral Ghouls and Molerats can go die in a fire.
10.) Mama Murphy's Sight is a gift but I feel guilty as fuck for giving her chems and watching her suffer from them. I stop at Psycho. 

More Fallout 4 experiences to come. 


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